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BiSS Nano Plug and Play Servo-Hydraulic Test System


ADMET eXpert 7600 Single Column Testing System

ADMET eXpert 7600XLT Single Column Testing Machine with Heating Chamber & Extensometer

ADMET eXpert 2600 Dual Column Testing System

Micro Tensile Strength Test of Plastic per ASTM D638

90 Degree Peel Testing System - Multiple Specimens

Plastic Film Tensile Strength Test - ASTM D882

3-point bend & 4-poin bend tests

Adhesive Loop Tack Strength Test

How to Perform an Adhesive Strength T-Peel Test - ASTM D1876

Rubber and Elastomer Tear Strength Test - ASTM D624

ADMET eXpert 9000 30Nm Torsion Fatigue Testing Machine


Fully automatic tensile testing system

Wance, UTM ETM Series, Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine

Wance, UTM ETM Pilot Software, Software for UTM

Universal testing machine - WANCE HUT-A operation

Tensile Test for Stranded Wire according to ASTM A416

Rebar tensile test with automatic extensometer

300J Drop weight impact tester

PIT-G Pendulum impact tester from WANCE

PIT H pendulum impact testing machine

PIT-D Charpy impact testing machine

Melt flow indexer

Automatic compression testing machine

Cable Tesile Test

LaVision GmbH:

LaVision - more than 25 years Focus on Imaging

EngineMaster inspex: In-Cylinder Endoscopic Imaging Solutions (KIT + LaVision)

Large scale windtunnel measurements

Pressure from PIV

Time-resolved laser imaging in a turbulent swirl flame (DLR)


Interlaken Technology (ITC):

Interlaken Technology Company

High-Force Hydraulics

Pressure Testing Equipment

Hydroforming Machines

Metal Forming Tester

Leak Testing and Pressure Systems

Asphalt Testing Equipment

Direct Tension Tester

ELE International:

ELE ADR Auto Compression Machines with Digital Readout

How to Set Up Your New DSU

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