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Themo Mechanical Fatigue

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  • 50 to 500 kN force rating systems
  • Integrated digital servo controlled induction heating from 200 to 11000C temperature range
  • Heating rates up to 500C/sec
  • Integrated digital servo controlled compressed air cooling
  • Cooling rates up to 500C/sec
  • Next generation DSP based servo controller with 32 bit data acquisition
  • 24 kHz data acqusition & 24 kHz servo loop control
  • User friendly MTL-32 Windows software with dedicated application software
  • TMF Software designed as per ASTM E 2368
  • High temperature extensometer
  • Self locking and water cooled hydraulic grips
  • “Green” highly efficient hydraulic power packs


  • Axial low cycle fatigue
  • Thermal cycling
  • Thermo-mechanical cycling with independent phase control (in-phase & out of phase)
  • Optional axial torsion testing
  • Optional axial torsion plus internal pressurization
  • Optional axial/torsion/pressure/thermal cycling with phase control


  • Vacuum chamber to house grips and specimen
  • Non contact temperature measurement (Pyrometer)
  • Spot welding units for thermocouple

Thermo Mechanical Fatigue Test Systems simulate combined effects of thermal cycling and mechanical fatigue. These systems are useful for testing specimens subjected to synchronized heating, cooling and temperature compensated strain or force with optional expansion to simultaneous torsion or internal pressurization. These fully integrated test systems are ideally suited for aerospace and power generation industries.

The specimen under test is subjected to fast rate heating followed by rapid cooling by means of a digitally controlled induction heater and pneumatic air directed on the specimen through air cooling nozzles.

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