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Flow Master : PIV/PTV-Systems

LaVision FlowMaster system family evaluates three-dimensional velocity vector fields from scattered light patterns of particles or droplets seeded into the flow (liquid or gas). Techniques like Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) are supported. LaVision's FlowMaster PIV cameras can record two successive images within min. time < 100 ns for ultrafast cross-correlation and speeds up to Mach 4. Standard 2D-PIV (2D2C) measures two velocity components in a plane using a single CCD or sCMOS camera. Stereo-PIV(2D3C) measures three velocity components in a plane using two cameras. Time-resolved PIV measures two or three velocity components in a plane at high frame rates up to 25000 fps Tomographic PIV (Tomo-PIV) measures three velocity components in a volume (3D3C) using two or more cameras. Micro-PIV measures two or three velocity components of particle seeded flows with micron scale spatial resolution.

Applications :

Liquid and gas flow investigations in wind tunnels, water channels, in-cylinder engines industrial flow systems, compressors, turbines, fans, pumps, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)


FluidMaster is a complete laser imaging system family for the quantitative visualization of thermal flows and mixing processes in fluids. Instantaneous concentration and temperature fields are measured with high spatial and temporal resolution.

Applications :

Investigation of fluid mixing, thermal flows and flow structures, flow visualization in wind tunnels and turbomachinery applications, air film cooling, hydrodynamics,aerodynamic tests in wind tunnels, species concentration, temperature and flow fields in liquid and gas flows, biomedical and microfluidic flows, gas turbine flows, multi-phase flow imaging: bubbles in liquid fluids, flows in chemical mixers.


Multi-functional laser imaging systems investigating all stages of internal combustion processes like fuel injection, air-fuel mixture formation, ignition, and combustion and pollutant formation.

Applications :

All kind of internal combustion phenomena, Fuel injection, Air-fuel mixture preparation, In-cylinder temperature fields, Ignition and flame propagation, pollutant and soot formation Engines


LaVision's ParticleMaster system family is designed to simultaneously determine size and velocity of individual particles or droplets in fluids or multiphase flows. The imaging systems analyse various types of particle laden fluids and other two-phase flows with high spatial resolution. Data acquisition and on-line evaluation are performed with the versatile DaVis software.

Applications :

Investigation of droplet or particle size distributions in various applications such as spray atomization, bubbles, particle flows. Liquid sprays (fuels, water, paint, pharmaceutical, crop), Spray break-up and atomization, Powder, solid particles (alloys, ceramics), Emulsions and dispersions (waste water, meteorology, industrial facilities), Bubbles (heat exchangers, industrial processes), Spray drying processes (food, powders)


LaVision's FlameMaster system family is designed to help the scientific and engineering community to find new concepts for the realization of more efficient and cleaner combustion devices. These modular laser imaging systems for quantitative combustion visualization are based on the following.

Applications :

Investigation of combustion phenomena inflames, burners, jet engines, furnacespropulsion systems, chemical reactors, shock tubes


LaVision's SprayMaster is a complete family of optical measurement systems designed for non-intrusive analysis of spray processes in many fields. Various applications require different system approaches: LaVision is offering predefined systems (see overview) and special customized systems to achieve the application-specific performance.

Applications :

Imaging of sprays and related processes:fuel injectors, spray coating and drying processes, pharmaceutical, medical and paint sprays, spray patternation, cone angle, mass distribution, Sauter Mean Diameter D32evaporation

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