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Micro Universal Test Systems

An Innovative Material Testing System for small, low force tension, compression and bend testing

Many industrial sectors are driving innovations in new materials from biomaterials, bone, fibers, threads, thin films, wire and more. However, that innovation requires measuring the mechanical properties of miniature samples.


  • Load capacities from 45N to 5kN
  • Miniature load cells with micro newton resolution
  • Fast acting motor drive mechanism
  • Position control resolution down to 0.001mm
  • Test strokes customizable
  • Distance between crossheads customizable
  • Distance between columns customizable
  • Horizontal or vertical configurations available
  • Can be placed in an environmental chamber
  • Tests possible in Perfusion Bio Reactor
  • Works out of 1Ø 220VAC
  • 32 bit Processor based controller
  • 8kHz servo loop update rates
  • Load and Strain accuracy ± 0.5% of read out value
  • Speed & position accuracy ± 0.1% of read out value
  • 0-1.0 KHz data acquisition rates


  • Tensile, Compression, 3 – Point bend
  • Tests on very small / miniature samples
  • Peel, Tear, Friction, Relaxation
  • Adhesives, biomaterials, bones, fibers, threads, thin films, wires, textiles, strips, foils etc
  • Micro Universal Test Systems
  • Micro Universal Test Systems

About Us

Measure India Corporation (MIC) was founded in the year 2006, based at Hyderabad, India, by well experienced engineers in the field of material testing. It was started with a goal to provide arguably the best possible, yet, affordable solutions for materials and components