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Servo Electric Universal Test Systems

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  • Load Capacities 25kN to 200kN static & quasi static
  • 2 column floor standing high stiffness load frames
  • Free standing, no foundation required
  • Frame stiffness up to 600kN/mm
  • Up to 150 mm stroke servo electric actuators
  • Digital Encoder for stroke measurement & control with resolution of 0.01micron
  • Stroke accuracy ± 0.5% of read out value
  • Speed accuracy ± 0.1% of set speed
  • Works out of 1Ǿ 230VAC or 3Ǿ 415VAC
  • Next generation DSP based servo controller with 32 bit data acquisition
  • 24 kHz data acqusition & 24 kHz servo loop control
  • Accuracy ± 0.5% of read out value for load, strain & stroke
  • Noiseless operation


  • Tension/Compression/3 point bend
  • Creep
  • Stress Controlled Creep Fatigue
  • Creep Crack Growth Studies
  • Stress Relaxation
  • Accelerated Stress Rupture
  • Ductile and Brittle Fracture toughness (J1c, K1c,)
  • Low-Cycle Fatigue (LCF)
  • Low / High temperature tests (-1500C to 12000C)

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