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Digital Volume Correlation (DVC)

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StrainMaster Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) is a novel technique for full 3D strain anddeformation measurements. The technique imports volume images of the component inreference and deformed states and is able to calculate the full 3D displacement and strainmap. Images are typically acquired from X-ray Computed Tomography (X-ray CT) systems,but can equally be obtained by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems for biologicalsubjects, or via optical tomography for transparent media; for which LaVision offer ourpatented Tomographic reconstruction algorithms as an add-on.

DVC is a powerful non-intrusivetechnique for the identification of sub-surface material deformation and is capable of identifying defects, discontinuities or other material characteristics.

Like its counterpart, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) which is restricted to surface-only measurements, in order for Digital Volume Correlation to be successful the volume imagesmust contain a random pattern. That random pattern is seen as changes in local contrast. Inthe case of X-ray CT scans the pattern will be produced by changes in material density suchas air voids in concrete, or particles of different material type within the main body matrix,such as tin particles distributed in an aluminium powder.

The volume image is sub-divided intointerrogation volumes within which robust and highly accurate algorithms calculate thedisplacement of the pattern, which represent the material shift. Digital Volume Correlationis capable of yielding over one million displacement vectors per volume image pair.

Advantages :

  • 3-dimensional 3-component (3D3C) displacement field in a complete volume
  • Full data management and processing within powerful DaVis software
  • Over 1 million displacement vectors possible
  • Advanced cross-correlation with deformed interrogation volumes, multi-pass iterations
  • Reconstruction with extremely large volumes: > 2000 x 2000 x 2000 voxel possible
  • Displacement accuracy to 0.05 pixel

Applications :

  • Biological research: Bone, fracture, cell deformation, tissue displacement
  • Geological: Tectonic plate simulation, compression tests
  • Metal powder: Material characterisation, compaction processing
  • Structural: Concrete bend test, crack analysis
  • Composites: Tensile testing, delamination
  • Polymers: Rapid prototypes, transparent media

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