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Nano Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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The Bio Tense Perfusion Bioreactor is a next generation instrument designed to help tissue engineers and cell biologists perform high resolution investigation in Mechanobiology. Bio Tense sits atop the XYZ stage of an inveted microscope


  • Enables cells to proliferate and differentiate over long periods of time
  • Maintains desired concentrations of nutrients through a perfusion process
  • Exposes tissues to uniaxial force and strain fields
  • Provides a window to directly observe cellular activity at high magnification
  • Accurately controls reactor temperature
  • Minimizes dead space volume with adjustable height chamber
  • Load capacities 7Newtons
  • Testing speed range: up to 1.2 mm/sec
  • Position control resolution down to 0.005mm
  • Piston strokes up to 25mm
  • 32 bit Processor based controller
  • 8kHz servo loop update rates
  • Miniature load cells available from 0.001N to 5N
  • Load and Strain accuracy ± 0.5% of reading value
  • 1 KHz data acquisition rates


  • Mechanobiology investigations
  • Uniaxial mechanical stimulation of cells
  • Long period study of cell/matrix interaction at high magnification
  • The process of fibroblasts populating, growing to confluence and stratifying on different substrates
  • Complex and organized cell sheet motions
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