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Lavision-Advanced Material Testing Digital Image Correlation In India

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A new compact system for shape, deformation and strain analysis Complete surface strain map during standard materials testing Full field DIC measurements at Very High Temperatures

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is rapidly becoming a standard non-intrusive instrument for materials testing. LaVision's StrainMaster Portable is a compact and lightweight turnkey 2D and 3D DIC system for shape, deformation and strain measurement. Suitable for a huge range of applications where flexibility and portability is essential, LaVision's StrainMaster system is appropriate for a wide range of subject sizes.

The StrainMaster Portable software is comprehensive, accurate, fast, and very user friendly. Comprising state of the art laptop computer, highly sensitive Imager E-Lite cameras, and cold illumination system, this device is dedicated to the study and analysis of material behavior.

With vast experience in the area of scientific imaging systems and Digital Imaging Correlation (DIC), LaVision provides the ultimate in quality and performance for your materials measurements needs. Comprehensive service and support is given throughout the life of the product via our factory trained engineers

Digital Image Correlation


  • High accuracy measurements of deformation and strain
  • Sensitive Imager E-Lite cameras combined with quality lenses
  • Ultra-rigid and lightweight mounting system
  • Equivalent to thousands of gauges on the specimen surface
  • Validate finite element simulations
  • Suitable in standard and harsh environments
  • Exceptional strain range - from micro strains to 1000% strain
  • Simple setup and calibration procedure
  • High strain rate impact through to long term fatigue testing
  • Dedicated laptop computer controlling image acquisition, processing, and project management
  • Highly efficient pulsed illumination system
  • Fast and user friendly calculations
  • Fixed frequency, manual trigger, and phase locked acquisition modes
  • Virtual strain gauge mode


  • Fundamental materials analysis i.e., tensile, compression, bend, fatigue, impact
  • Investigation of component behavior under loading
  • Identification of strain hot spots on structures
  • Polymers and composite subjects
  • Flexible and woven materials
  • Biomedical studies of tissues and synthetic devices
  • Automotive engineering materials including engine parts and body panels
  • Deflection and testing of aerospace parts

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