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Ele California Bearing Ratio Test50 Soil Testing Machine

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The California Bearing Ratio test, or CBR as it is usually termed, is an empirical test first developed in California, USA for estimating the bearing value of highway sub bases and subgrades. The test follows a standardised procedure and there is little difference between EN/BS and ASTM tests.

Load and Penetration

A range of accessories is available enabling options to collect and analyse data with the ELE CBR-Test 50.

  1. Mechanical, using standard Load Ringssubgrades. The test follows a standardisedand Penetration Dial Gauges.procedure and there is little difference
  2. Electronic Load Transducers andbetween EN/BS and ASTM tests.Displacement Transducers in conjunctionwith the ELE DSU (DataSystem Unit).


  • Single speed machine (BS/EN and ASTM)
  • Rapid platen adjustment
  • Options for mechanical or electronic measurement
  • BS1377, 1924; EN 13286-47; ASTM D 1883; AASHTO T193

Designed for performing laboratory CBR tests to BS 1377 andASTM D1833, this bench mounting machine comprises a twincolumn frame incorporating a motorised drive system. A singlespeed is provided to satisfy both BS and ASTM standards.Rapid adjustment of the platen is provided which enablesdaylight to be taken up quickly and also close controlof application of a seating load

DSU (Data System Unit)

  • 4 channel automatic control and data-logging unit
  • For performing CBR, Marshall, Unconfined Compression, Direct and Residual Shear, One-Dimensional Consolidation and Unconsolidated Undrained tests
  • LAN communication now supported – run multiple DSUs on the same network, with remote access
  • BS1377: Part 4, Part 5, Part 7, ASTM D1883 D2435 D2850 D3080 D3668,AASHTO T-193 T-216 T-245 T-296, EN 12697-34

Multiplex 50 machines

  • Fully variable speed range 0.5 to 50 mm/min
  • Mechanical or Electronic measurement
  • Large on-board LED screen display

California Bearing Ratio

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