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Asphalt Testing Gyratory Compaction

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Gyratory Compcation

The use of automatic compaction will result in consistent and repeatable laboratory specimens. Testing laboratories and design consultants who use the Marshall method of mix design will benefit from automatic compaction apparatus, which releases staff for other work during the compaction process.


  • Configurable to comply with SHRP Superpave
  • Both 150 mm and 100 mm moulds can be tested without any modification
  • Automatic mould insertion and retraction
  • Cold mix (emulsion) materials can be compacted, with fluid collection facility
  • Data acquisition and control via host desktop PC
  • Export compaction data to MS Excel(tm)
  • UKAS traceable factory calibration
  • Can accept moulds up to 300 mm in height
  • EN 12697-31, 10, ASTM D6925, SHRP M-002, AASHTO T312, inc. PC 220-240V 50Hz

One of the best methods of laboratory compaction is considered to be Gyratory for not only the material’s assessment of compactibility, but also the production of test samples. The method achieves this by the application of a vertical stress, typically 600 kPa via platens to a mass of asphaltic mixture inside a 100 or 150 mm diameter mould. Whilst platens are kept parallel and horizontal, the longitudinal axis of the mould is gyrated at a fixed angle to the vertical axis.
During the test process, the height of the specimen is measured automatically and the mixture density and void content are calculated
Compaction data is displayed in real time (graphical and tabular) and is available for download to MS Excel(tm). The operator has the abiltiy to choose whether to compac for a certain number of gyrations or until a target mixture density or void content is achieved


  • User-friendly, intuitive and reliable Windows(tm) software
  • 2 methods of compaction - no. of gyrations and target density
  • User guided step-by-step through compaction
  • Real-time display of current height, density and void content
  • Software communicates with the gyratory compactor via USB interface
  • Utilities are included for transducer check, diagnostic routines and calibration
  • High stability steel frame with low flex and distortion
  • A 95 mm pneumatic cylinder
  • Safety gates with interlock
  • Specimen table
  • Accurate stress control via high precision regulator
  • High quality inverter for accurate speed control
  • Specimen height measurement via linear potentiometer
  • Highly durable wheels for ease of movement
  • 16 bit control and data acquisition
  • PC included

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