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   Screw Compressor SD up to 45 kW

   Screw Compressor SDF up to 45 kW

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Biss Single station&Multi Station Controllers

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  • Cost effective solutions in real-time digital control of servo-driven mechanical test systems including hydraulic, electric screw, electromagnetic and pneumatic drives
  • High performance DSP with 24-bit analog data conversion, 32-bit data acquisition and 40-bit servo-loop calculations.
  • 32 bit data acquisition resolution and signal conditioning provides high data quality
  • High resolution 16 bit analog output for external devices
  • Load accuracy ± 0.5% of read out down to 1/500 of FS. Strain accuracy ± 0.5% of read out down to 1/50th of FS
  • Stroke accuracy ± 0.5% of read out. Speed accuracy ± 0.1% of set value
  • Digital loop update frequency and Data acquisition rates up to 24 kHz
  • Auto identification and calibration of all compatible transducers avoids error during configuration & simplifies test setup
  • MTL32 kernel software for basic operations including system set up
  • HI/Lo limit on all feedback channels and error limits on each control channel ensures specimen and system safety
  • Fast adaptive control and advanced PID/PIDF control algorithm
  • Three stage data filtering and oversampling and user selectable digital filters
  • Generates standard 32 bit waveform: sine, triangle and square
  • Supports arbitrary / random waveform generation and also spectrum loading through custom application
  • Works out of 1Ǿ 230VAC

Touch Screen Operator Control Panel

    Hardware interface in the form of a touch screen panel is mounted on the column of the loadframe via an adjustable arm facilitating flexibility of operation. The functions performed from this panel include powerpack on/off, grip controls and the actuator movement controls. Other features include:

  • Ergonomic design with a height adjustable arm for ease of operation
  • PLC based touch sensitive buttons for loadframe crosshead positioning, clamping it in position and its declamping
  • Coarse and fine postioning of actuator
  • Remote powerpack operations and display of health conditions of powerpack
  • Grip control operations with buttons to choose specific applications
  • Digital display indicating pressure, temperature and hours of machine usage
  • Digital display of safety interlocks incorporated
  • Emergency stop buttons for safety
  • Display of instructions to reset the fault
  • Indications highlighting the status of each control


  • Universal Test Systems, Shake Tables, Structural Test Systems
  • Special Purpose Test Systems
  • Automotive Test Systems
  • Customized Test Systems

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--------------- Your testing needs - Our solutions ---------------




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