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Admet Advanced Dsp Material Testing Machine Controller

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MTESTQuattro® is a versatile, easy to use PC based solution for mechanical testing of materials, components and products. The flexible interface provides connectivity to electromechanical and servo hydraulic testing systems. It can also be used to retrofit / upgrade virtually any manufacturers testing machine regardless of age or machine type. MTESTQuattro® includes multiple channels of high resolution input, fast sampling and servo update rates for accurate control and measurement of static and dynamic fatigue tests. An all-inclusive analysis suite plus the ability to develop your own test procedures provides the flexibility to perform virtually any test according to ASTM, ISO or any other international standards or customer test specifications. To streamline maintenance costs, ADMET also provides all calibration passwords, to you the owner. MTESTQuattro®'s power and versatility also allow researchers to run complex tests. Pre-packaged or customer generated test procedures provide the capability to perform tensile, compression, flexure, adhesive peel, tear, torsion, biaxial, cyclic, fatigue and creep tests. Advanced reporting capabilities clearly and concisely display results that can be printed, exported to third party programs or emailed. Users have the freedom to organize, share and store test procedures, test data, and reports locally or across a network. ADMET will also develop custom test methods to meet your requirements. MTESTQuattro® offers extensive data analysis capabilities for calculating important mechanical properties of adhesives, biomaterials, composites, foams, metals, packaging materials, plastics, textiles etc in tension, compression, bend and torsion. Ultimate Strength, Offset Yield Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, Percent Elongation, Poisson's Ratio, Toughness, N R & K values for sheet metal and Peel Strength are just a few of the standard analysis in MTESTQuattro®. All analysis is implemented according to international standards test specifications and are validated by factory generated test data.


  • 32 bit Processor based controller
  • Powerful servo control with 8kHz servo loop update rates for precise control of the testing machine
  • Load accuracy ± 0.5% of reading value down to 1/500th of full capacity
  • Speed & position accuracy ± 0.1% of reading value
  • Strain accuracy ± 0.5% of reading value down to 1/50th of travel range
  • 1 KHz data acquisition rates
  • Works out of 1Ø 220VAC
  • Multiple channels of high resolution and fast sampling
  • Ability to create customized test procedures
  • Flexibility to perform any test as per popular ASTM, ISO or any other international stds or customer test procedures
  • Ability to save test procedures and recall them any time
  • All specimen geometries are available in library
  • Include up to 10 user-definable test information and 20 report header fields on each report
  • Overlay up to 10 test curves on a multi-plot graph
  • On line help through the test procedure
  • Saves test data and displays in spread sheet table
  • Offers extensive data analysis capabilities
  • Export reports in .jpg image and .pdf file formats
  • Export test data in .csv format
  • Company logo and address info on test report


  • Applications:
  • Tensile, Compression, 3 / 4 – Point bend
  • Complex Segmented and Cyclic load applications
  • Peel, Tear, Friction
  • Creep and stress relaxation
  • Torsion and Bi-axial tests
  • Shear tests

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